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I’ll sport a smile
Take in some color
Under the stars
I’ll be your lover
With no distractions I’m gonna treat you right

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I’m really happy with how she came out actually.
New OC medusa girl plz.

SDCC saturday

Who’s going? I’m gonna be outside the con most likely, eating and drinking things, and maybe taking photos??

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Literally everyone to Blood Elves:


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sirticklebottom: I know you probably get this a lot but your pretty ducking awesome!


-insert duck gif here cause tumblr isn’t loading any properly-

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David Tennant at 2014 Summer TCA Tour for FOX's Gracepoint

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P.s. to everyone who sends me asks- I’m also keen to draw cute monster girls today so send me monster girl suggestions and I’mma go buckwild

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Pretty much





just fucking draw. don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t stop because you drew a lot last tuesday and you haven’t visibly improved. it takes time, effort, and a lot of perseverance. besides, no matter how “bad” you think you are, there’s still gonna be someone who thinks the stuff you produce is the best goddamn thing they’ve ever seen in their entire life. the artist you were five years ago would have their mind fucking blown by the artist you are today. so just draw a fuckton, because every new thing you draw is one drawing better than you were before.

Lets be real for a second about how everyone who got into Manga around 2000ish totally owned this book:

Also drawing every day is the only way you get better. Don’t be hard on yourself because there will always be someone better and someone worse. No matter what.

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funnybysheervolume: Do you enjoy drawing anthropomorphic/furries quite a lot? I only ask because A. I'm seeing quite a few recently and B. I *cough* AlsoLikeThemSoYeah *cough*

Ask me things!

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