Updates and Such! 11.14.11

So updates have been a bit few and far between due to the boy arriving on the 8th, and he has been totally rude and monopolizing my time with affection and being just the coolest dude in the world.


But in all seriousness, things are going swimmingly, and I am so excited to move home.

On a completely unrelated note, the boy will be in LA in December too.


Also, as my Mother emailed me today, she’s now going through a mid life crisis.

She basically told me via E-mail, which by the title: ‘Vegan and raw lifestyle’ I automatically thought it was a forward. Which I tend to get plenty of from my family on my mother’s side,


It wasn’t.

"I have realized that for first time in my life I can make this choice without having to cater to a carnivores needs and I want to do. Am going to start w even tho it will be a  challenge at ——‘s. In any case if we end up living together I’m going to make the switch. Xxoo

Sent from my iPhone”

So midlife crisis, as the women is turning 49 in a few days, and the big 50 next year obviously. So I was expecting something like this anyway.

Also, ‘Sent from my iPhone’ is so pretentious. I know that’s automatic when you have an iPhone, but you don’t see me singing things with ‘Sent from my shitty Nokia’.

But then again, I’m not one to brag.

<3 A.

  1. datban said: I think that “Sent from” bit’s an automatic thing they have to turn off, to make sure iPhone users come off properly snooty for the brand. Or maybe I just dislike their marketing department that much. -Sent from my run-of-the-mill Acer Iconia A500
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